Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Coach focused on your success.

I have now been a personal trainer and performance coach for two decades, fulfilling more than 35,000 sessions in Southern California and New York City. I’ve worked with those who have never set foot in a gym; professional athletes; teenagers; perfectly healthy athletes and post-stroke executives; and those challenged by progressive MS, AIDS, eating disorders, and diabetes. In some cases, I will call on a network of brilliant, local medical professionals to address any special issues that a client may have. In 2005, I became an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

We will use what works for you, according to the science, to get the quickest change in your body composition.

I have worked with a varied group of competitive athletes, some of them my neighbors in Milford PA, who trust and believe in my scientific approach, my passion, and my personal involvement in their careers. I have been an athlete myself, and these clients respect that. Furthermore, I started competitive bodybuilding upon my release from Dallas (on waivers for a pre-existing injury) and went from being a local New York kid with potential to one of the most popular, respected professional bodybuilders of my era. These two endeavors have brought me to what I term aesthetic athletic training, and I incorporate this in the work I do with every client. The two realms complement each other, and there is a happy medium into which both protocols have evolved.

You do not want to waste precious time, effort, or money. And I do not allow it. We will use what works for you, according to the science, to get the quickest change in your body composition. I am available seven days a week in the Milford/Orange County/Hudson Valley vicinity, working out of my own personal gym. I am also opening a facility in the middle of the county in the coming year. In the earlier part of the day, I train clients at a fantastic gym on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Together, you and I will monitor the effectiveness, progression, and variation of each session by meticulously logging every movement in your file; regularly measure body-fat percentage as a barometer of the effectiveness of your supportive diet and cardio activity; and routinely review and add alternatives to what is the most important factor in positive change: your food intake. Food, cardio, weights – a threefold plan that you will follow for the remainder of a long, healthy life.

Your reflection and performance are my responsibility.

If you are interested in the quickest way to significant body composition change, terrific. It’s time to get back in shape, realize your full potential, and get serious by working with a true, certified, seasoned professional. It’s your time and your investment, and I take your results very personally. Your reflection and performance are my responsibility. I have worked with those clinically and morbidly obese to top amateur professional athletes and everyone in between. Whether you are a parent of an aspiring athlete, one yourself or are finally at a point where you want to cut to the chase yourself and transform your body aesthetically and athletically, contact me.

I am a click or a call away.
Once begun, half done!

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Jim Quinn

  • CSCS, NSCA Coach
  • Former IFBB PRO Bodybuilder
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Personal Trainer
  • Milford, Pennsylvania
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